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How pokemon cards are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

People used to trade pokemon cards, but now they're worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, all swept off store shelves by resellers. Pokémon cards are a familiar symbol from childhood.

Now the pokemon cards are a full-fledged market, with individual items being sold for huge sums of money, and there are stock exchanges and even "appraisers. Why is there more interest in pokemon cards now than ever before? Several factors have influenced this: from the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Pokémon franchise to the pandemic and nostalgia of a generation that loved Pokémon as children and is now grown up and loaded with money.

For many collectors, the sets that are familiar to them from their childhood are much closer. That's why the First Edition is so popular among collectors, and it's also more expensive than all the others.

In October 2020, famous video blogger Logan Paul bought an entire box at auction, spending $200,000 on it. He hosted a stream where he spent 2.5 hours opening boosters, delighting in the rare cards he came across. Rapper Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, known as Logic, loved Pokémon as a kid but couldn't afford cards: "I remember trying to trade grocery kits for Pokémon cards. Now, as an adult, being able to enjoy something I've loved since I was a kid is like redeeming a piece of something you never had. It's not about the material component, it's about the emotion."

What is clear is that the huge rise in popularity of Pokémon TCG is not a plan by corporations or a conspiracy of resellers, as many may think, it is due to nostalgia and established world factors from 2019 to 2020 and only after that you can see the consequential actions from corporations like McDonalds and the development of the reseller market.

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